Leikkiluola playing instructions

  • With the Leikkiluola wristband, kids have unrestricted continuous playing time for one day.
  • Parents and supervisors can enter the Leikkiluola for free.
  • Stroller parking is located on both sides of the cafeteria entrance.
  • Please leave outdoor shoes and clothes on the designated clothing racks. Leikkiluola is not held accountable for things left on the rack. We have lockable lockers in the changing rooms. You can bring your own lock or buy/rent one from the cashier.
  • Parents and supervisors are responsible for their children, no child can be left alone or unattended.
  • We recommend that you go through the security instructions with your child.
  • Please wear indoor shoes or socks (we recommend grip socks) in the playing area. No bare feet allowed.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Be sure to wash your hands before and after playing.
  • The infant play area is meant only for under 3-year-old children.
  • We kindly ask you to enjoy food and beverages bought from the cafe, in the cafeteria. You can bring your own baby food which can be heated in the cafe. Own water bottles are allowed.
  • Remember to respect others while playing in Leikkiluola.
  • No teasing or bullying is allowed. The personnel is entitled to interfere with or even eject possible troublemakers.
  • Play nice and have fun!!


  • max 12 kids at the same time.
  • max weight 90 kg.
  • Only one bouncer per trampoline
  • Jump according to your skills.
  • You are not allowed to bring extra toys to the trampoline area.
  • Empty your pockets before entering the trampoline cage.
  • Only jump on free trampolines.
  • Always jump in the middle of the trampoline, don't jump on the cushion.
  • No running in the trampoline area.
  • Please pay attention to other jumpers.
  • Be careful and have Fun!


  • Keep the tubes on the slide area.
  • Pick up a tube, walk up the stairs and slide down.
  • Please pay attention to others while sliding.
  • Only one person per tube!